Blast GIFs NoW!

Respect to the Original ‘GOTCHA!’

3 #Blast Feels

No Risk, All Reward

Start #Blasting in Minutes

The World Needs More LOVE


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And The Value of [Right-Now]

At WebMax Labs, when a basic connection needs to be made, we find the simplest most direct approach users already have & are familiar with. Phones with Apps will always be there when we need them. We’ll bet you we can work magic with what is already there, no downloads required.

What Else Can We #BLAST..?

Parents can #Blast Babysitters ‘Need help! Who’s Around?‘ 
Friends will #Blast important questions ‘thoughts on the Protest?
Coaches / Teachers #Blast critical info ‘YO! Last-min Changes!’
Any Business Model can Social-Distance, wait for customers’ clicks’.
Podcasters #Blast Listeners ‘Going Live Right-NOW!


WebMax envisions a connected world of simpler more powerful solutions,
<3 all energized by #LOVE <3
in order to get more from this moment we have [right-now].

Why Us?

Our Methods are Simple, and they work for all users.  GIFs are under-valued, because they fill  emotional gaps that traditional messaging leaves wide open. #TheFeels. And Sarcasm, Tone, Intent, body-language and almost everything that matters in a personal conversation, is lost once typed into the Internet.

The HOW, is traditional Text / MMS Messaging.  We all have countless apps, too many. But everyone still has to prioritize Texts, in-the-now. And we use your number, without ever obtaining any personal details we don’t need. What matters is your number, and others reaching you [right-now]

We can bring a way to Connect you with your Personal Network(s) & then We Stay Out of It.

One thing is for sure, the customers that put trust in our vision won’t ever have to worry about being sold to the highest bidder, because no matter how much power Money has, it still can’t buy #Love.



The Original #LoveBLASTER

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